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RedPhone Beta app for Secured Encrypted Phone Calls


If your worried about attacks on your privacy thru your smartphone, or just wanted to make secure encrypted phone calls, then the new RedPhone beta is a good choice for your simple and private conversations. RedPhone Beta is a free app that allows you to make and receive encrypted voice calls to and from other Redphone users.


The Redphone app, at first use, will require you to register your phone number and you’re done. This free app software won’t ask for any password, logins, or to create any account. The app guarantees your privacy, thus it will never require so much information from you.

All Redphone registered users are provided two options on how to make encrypted calls. The first is to use the RedPhone app itself. This accesses your phone’s contacts list, recent calls, and favorite contacts. You’ll get no dialer pad to enter a number. The second way is to place a RedPhone call thru the mobile phone dialer. Just launch the built-in phone app as normal and dial a number. If the person you’re calling has RedPhone Beta installed in their system, then a screen dialog prompt will give you the option to make a secure call via Redphone, or continue with an unsecure call.

RedPhone Beta is only for Android smartphones. Time will tell if the company will release another app built for iPhones, Blackberry and other mobile brands.

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