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Samsung now the No.1 Smartphone brand in US


Almost everyone in the US today own a tablet or a smartphone or both. And interestingly enough, the Samsung smartphones now beats the once leading iPhone in terms of US ownership today. This data does not include statistics for Tablets and iPads but on smartphones only.

With a 24% adoption rate, Samsung is now considered the leading smartphone brand in the US. Followed at second by Apple and LG both at 18% adoption rate. Motorola hangs in there at fourth place with 12%, over HTC brands (8%), while at the bottom Blackberry/Nokia both at 5% rate.

But what’s also surprisingly clear is that those within the age bracket 24-32 years old (known as Generation Y) are most likely to own several mobile technology devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. This generation of internet denizens has a 72% adoption rate for smartphones and about 25% own a tablet PC like iPads or Android tablets. Generation Y mobile users are the most likely to own an iPhone with about 29% ownership. Next would be the Samsung smartphones with 20% of Gen Y owning some type of Samsung Galaxy Y series phone.

This statistics would really benefit mobile developers, internet and mobile marketers, social networkers, commercial brands, and others users. This is particularly useful for mobile shopping, statistical internet research or online payments.

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