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CallBux App FREE International CALLS from Facebook

The new CallBux App allows you to use your Facebook account like some kind of operator, to provide a way to connect to your Facebook friends. You can use your laptop/desktop app or smart phone. The operator is free of charge but there is a small surcharge payment , per minute, for the long distance…

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iMobie PhoneClean App for iPad or iPhone

For all those who store so many files in their iPad and iPhone, you will feel that the used space is somehow greater than what you have store. The new PhoneClean App from iMobie can help you with this. This software app can cleaning out temp files and flush application cache. This can be done…

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Google Play for Android versus Apple’s iOS App Store

The two popular online app stores Apple’s App Store and Google Play both contain hundreds of thousands of software applications for laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Both online stores shows impressive penetration and revenue data for US and non-US downloaders and users. Its really interesting to note that Google Play for Android users show a…

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