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Buffer app Tool to Schedule Facebook Status Posts

Everyone wants to gain more followers on your Facebook accounts and increase Facebook results. Well, one of the most effective way to do this is to efficiently manage your Facebook status posts. And Buffer app is best tool manage and schedule your Facebook status posts. The method is similar to using Buffer app for your…

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.70 Virus Removal Tool

Every computer, whether laptop, desktop or tablet gets attacked by viruses, malware, trojans or other nasty softwares. Most gets detected and prevented from entering your system. While some manages to get inside and unfortunately gets a foothold in your internal system. Well, your best solution is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.70 latest version. All the other software…

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Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium with Office 2013

Its still undeniable that Microsoft Office applications is still the king when it comes to document editing & publishing, spreadsheets and business presentations templates. This new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium comes with very impressive Office versions installations on laptops and desktops carrying Windows 7 or 8 systems. The new Office 2013 version has the…

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Comodo Firewall 2013 New Windows Version

Everyone who has had windows for sometime knows that having an antivirus is only half of the total protection against virus attacks and malware expliots. Get the new Comodo Firewall 2013 for FREE since you definitely need to have a Firewall companion to gain complete security protection against every web-based expliot, attack and malicious programs….

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ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft for Windows

Today’s fast internet technology, gives us many digital pleasures as well as system nightmares like web phishing, malware attacks and expliots, virus takeovers, spam, and the most tragic theft. But the new ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft for Windows provides for a more secure, trusted and safe computer system. Its main advantage compared to…

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Outpost Security Suite Pro 8 for Windows

Today’s internet presents a more dangerous scenario to all users with the proliferation of thousands of viruses, malware and malicious applications. Hence, we need the affordable Outpost Security Suite Pro 8 which is an effective combination of an antivirus utility and firewall protection in one. This basic security software is capable of cleaning up malware…

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Navigon GPS app for iPhone on Verizon Wireless

If you’re one of those that spend a lot of time travelling on the road using a car, the Navigon GPS app would really suite you. Its the most complete and advanced GPS navigation solution for iPhone users today. The Navigon software features amazing details of map graphics and boasts of smooth animation. While using…

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Socialbro App Twitter Management Tool

Most social people in the internet use Twitter to vent out emotions, share an important event in the day, announce some business news for existing and possibly new customers, and new articles or post for website owners and bloggers. But would you know when would be the right time to tweet. Socialbro app is the…

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Buffer app – Best Tool to Schedule Tweets and Shares

If you are one of those who needs to tweet and share several times in a single day, you might want to look to for a tool to automate or schedule your tweets and posts. Here’s the Buffer app tool the answer to your multiple tweeting problems. Tweeting and Sharing has already been so much…

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Google Play for Android versus Apple’s iOS App Store

The two popular online app stores Apple’s App Store and Google Play both contain hundreds of thousands of software applications for laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Both online stores shows impressive penetration and revenue data for US and non-US downloaders and users. Its really interesting to note that Google Play for Android users show a…

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013 The Best Choice

Whether you need protection from malicious attacks, phishing protection, port scans, and direct attacks, this ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013 is your best choice for all your security needs. This latest release delivers the same consistent, strong and practical protection as you would expect, with a number of additional new security protection capabilities that includes a…

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