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Facebook offers a Better and Faster News Feed Design

Facebook, now the biggest social networking site, introduced once again new and better changes. Facebook aims to give this new features to their users to allow for a more dynamic and simplified UI experience. This new Facebook News Feed is customizable because allows users to see only what they want. Users will have the option…

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Facebook Implements Reply Button Integrated on Comments

Facebook, the social media giant, recently implemented a new feature that allows integrating a reply button on comments. This makes for a more user friendly approach since threading of comments and replies is a lot easier to handle for all user. This new approach gives a user the ability to reply directly to another comment…

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Easy Facebook Navigation

Anybody who owns a laptop or desktop pc utilizes plenty of keyboard shortcuts that greatly simplifies and speeds typing, browsing or gaming. Well, it might benefit you to know that the popular social media networking site Facebook also has its own specific keyboard shortcuts for everyone to use. These Facebook KeyBoard Shortcuts lets you easily…

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New Facebook API Publishing Tools – Posts now Optimized & Non-Collapsing

There are plenty of Facebook Publishing Tools from 3rd Party app sources that automates and eases posting on Facebook pages. Now these posting tools delivers posts that do not collapse, and already optimized to produce decent looking posts. Gone are the days that Facebook 3rd Party Apps API updates were at a disadvantage by default…

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Newly Designed YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest Updated with Fresh New Looks

Almost everyone today has an account with these sites classified as social media. It seems like the battle between them grows steadily, that they came up with newly designed looks at almost the same time. We can now enjoy the fresh new redisigned looks of YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest and some major improvements they…

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Instagram Feeds now accessible via Web Browsers

Instagram photo sharing social media site just made a public announcement that they already made the Instagram Feeds available for viewing through any web browser. Now, you can see your Instagram feeds on any Laptop, Desktop or Tablet browsers just like you would on your mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry and more. Instagram co-Founder Kevin…

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Pinterest Social Community Image Site for Business

The Pinterest social media site is basically an image site where you can share with your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances business partners and more. To get the best experience, followers, and customers out of Pinterest you have to make sure your content is properly and heavily optimized for Pinterest shareability and internal search. Although Pinterest…

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iHeartRadio Streaming Music Service Radio Station

This is streaming music for everyone. With iHeartRadio, you get 24 hours free listening to your favorite songs with great audio quality, choose from over 1,500 total online radio stations featuring live music in the internet. iHeartRadio also provides you to enjoy music jamming with its 15 millions songs cataloged, from 16 genre stations, by…

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YouTube reports Fee-Based Channels/Contents Subscription with Monthly Payment Pricing

YouTube, the video-sharing platform sites owned by Google and known for its free video contents, has recently been reported to be collaborating with a group of channel producers to make available the first ever fee-based subscription contents. Reliable reports indicated that the project launch would be during the 2nd quarter of this year. When YouTube…

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RaffleCopter Contest Promo Giveaways for Blogs and Websites

RaffleCopter provides you a super fun and easy way to organize any form of giveaways for you customers or online readers. Whether you have a blog, a commercial website or a social media network marketer, Rafflecopter allows you to create a simple yet effective contest promotional giveaway that would increase your brand exposure, consumer awareness…

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Instagram iOS and Android photo-sharing app

Instagram now offers photo-sharing services for the most used operating system platform. Instagram use to be just another popular iOS photo-sharing site with more or less 25 milion registered users. But since its release of an Android app version the company grew by ten of thousands of users. Then in 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram…

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Twitter Archive Lets You Download All Your Tweets

Twitter recently released its new service upgrade the Twitter Archive. This latest function would allow millions of Twitter users to download all of their tweets to their personal computers. Everyone can now collect and save their tweets. “You’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning,” Twitter user services engineer Mollie Vandor…

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