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ioSafe N2 armored Synology NAS DisaterProof & Pricey


The great partnership of ioSafe and Synology has produced a disaster-proof Network Attached Storage technology. This virtually indestructible ioSafe N2 NAS that can withstand fire, flood and other disasters. Its a bit pricey but it offers proven protection for your tons of valuable & critical data in emergency situations.

The N2 is a dual-bay NAS as seen fron the inside. This device incorporates ioSafe’s hardware disaster protection technology for the NAS. The data recovery is built on Synology’s DiskStation DS213 motherboard. It also features Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) software as its premium management interface.

ioSafe-N2-NAS-Synology-Network Attached Storage

ioSafe absolutely guarantees that your precious data will be highly recoverable on the their drives from extreme conditions of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and submerged up to 3 days in 10 feet of fresh or salt water. And you need to ship the N2 back to ioSafe to recover the data.

The DataCase uses patented technology. The fireproof insulation employs chemically-bound water molecules that never dry out. The water molecules vaporizes in the event of a fire. By a process known as endothermic cooling, the water is coverted to steam, which keeps the drive cool even in flames.

An N2 with 2TB of storage with 1 year of data recovery service coverage has a whooping price of $900. But NAS also offers diskless (at $600 market retail price) or with configurations of up to 8TB of capacity. It also comes with expansion options with three USB ports and SD card slot. Seems to be way too expensive for your typical two-bay NAS for businesses. But the ioSafe N2 NAS is the ultimate vault that provides unparalleled data protection.

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