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X-Rite ColorMunki Display Calibration Tool for Laptops & Monitors


Almost every gadget today is plug-n-play. Just finish the connections, run the softwares and your ready to go. This is especially true for laptops display screens and desktop monitors. Well, the X-Rite ColorMunki Display reminds us of the need to calibrate these gadget displays. One good reason for doing this is making sure the images displayed has accurate colors, good details and matches that of other devices and the printer’s output.

The X-Rite ColorMunki Display calibration tool offers a quick, easy-to-use and budget-friendly means of calibrating your laptops, monitors and projectors. It uses a built-in colorimeter that measures the color and has quality software that tells the meter what to measure.


The ColorMunki Display from X-Rite can calibrate single and multiple CRT and LCD monitors and laptops. You can let this smart & fast Display calibration tool adjust luminance levels automatically based on ambient light, optimize color temperature & contrast, and brightness levels.

The ColorMunki allows us to experience the best possible image quality that your laptop display or monitor is capable of displaying. Market retail price is $169. The unit comes in glossy black and matte black finish.

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