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Buffer app – Best Tool to Schedule Tweets and Shares


If you are one of those who needs to tweet and share several times in a single day, you might want to look to for a tool to automate or schedule your tweets and posts. Here’s the Buffer app tool the answer to your multiple tweeting problems.


Tweeting and Sharing has already been so much a part of most of some people’s life that a tweet/post scheduler would really be a great help. The new Buffer application is possibly one of the best ways to schedule tweets. When you use this buffer app you will have the capability to spread all your posts/tweets across multiple hours and several times without spamming your friends. This means that you can pre-select which particular time and date your tweet goes live.

Buffer also provides simple yet great analytics to will check whether your tweets were as effective as you hope they will be. You will be able to notice a huge amount of increase in clicks on links and a proportionate increase in retweet rate.

You can now post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and App.net account so much quicker and make it more manageable. You can use the Buffer button and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can also schedule your tweets via the Buffer native apps for iPhone and Android mobile tablets and smartphones.

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