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ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft for Windows


Today’s fast internet technology, gives us many digital pleasures as well as system nightmares like web phishing, malware attacks and expliots, virus takeovers, spam, and the most tragic theft. But the new ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft for Windows provides for a more secure, trusted and safe computer system. Its main advantage compared to other popular security suites would be its anti-theft that can help you recover a lost or stolen laptop computer.


The ESET Smart Security 6 is a complete full-featured antivirus protection, malware defender, spam filter, firewall, privacy protection and parental control, plus an additional anti-theft component. Its a security suite that offers good antivirus protection and provides a support technician that can be contacted by phone which can provide manual remote-control repair.

This Smart Security 6 from ESET contains plenty threat-specific cleanup tools that can detected most malware attacks and exploits. You can consider this an above the average protection. The ESET software also filters spam from both POP3 and IMAP accounts, has parental content filter that handles the HTTPS pages.

ESET Smart Security version 6 would do good job keeping viruses and malware out your windows operating system, it has the capability of blocking many downloads at the URL level. For those computer systems with plenty of already-downloaded files, this security suite would wiped out most of the threats on sight and can detected other threats while installation of programs and new software applications.

ESET’s parental control system can block access to websites under many distinct categories. The software preselects categories based on your child’s age. You can also list down on a log all the sites you want blocked. The ESET security suite would block anonymizing proxy sites and can filter out inappropriate HTTPS sites.

The Anti-theft component that is mostly found in mobile security suites, makes the ESET a great tool for privacy protection for your laptop computer with Windows system. You can purchase this remarkable program for only $59. If you consider theft of primary concern this ESET version is the best software application for you.

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