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Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium with Office 2013


Its still undeniable that Microsoft Office applications is still the king when it comes to document editing & publishing, spreadsheets and business presentations templates. This new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium comes with very impressive Office versions installations on laptops and desktops carrying Windows 7 or 8 systems. The new Office 2013 version has the looks of a simple blocky, flat-style design that results to easier navigation and less strain to the eyes. In more ways than one this new Microsoft software program looks more clearer and elegant than previous releases.


Microsoft Word software app now has a new capability to import PDF documents smoothly. It does this feature in an excellent way and then converting it into an editable Word document. Don’t get shock though with some inevitable changes in formatting and pagination. Word also presents us with new Design tab that contains controls and icons which used to be found confusingly into the Page Layout tab. These new interface results to a less clutter in Page Layout tab.

Microsoft Excel application program decides to add a new “Quick Analysis Lens” which gives users instant access to the most useful options for any block of data. When you choose or select a block of data, a small lightning-rod icon instantly appears at the lower right side. Just click on this tiny icon then an array of recommended options for formatting, charts, totals, and tables appears afterwards.

The new Excel version also added a few useful graphic tricks. The Excel charts now became animated. They simultaneuosly change whenever you change a number in a table. Then you can see the proportionate rise or fall in column, line or pie-charts. This clever visual effect makes it very easy for the user to visualize the effects of any changes in numbers data.

Every home users can buy the Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium for a retail sale price of $99.99 annual subscription. Along with this you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and Access that are all part of Office 2013 on Windows 7 or 8 machines (Vista or XP however are not included). For those on Macs suite you will have full Office 2011 applications.

College students, faculty, and staff are luckily still granted a huge discount. They can purchase a similar Office 365 University subscription for a single payment of $79.99 for a full four years. One can install this on two devices for $20 per year.

There is also the option of buying the “perpetual” version of Office 2013. This is the same program that are licensed forever but limited to only one machine. You will get a 25-character code that you can use after downloading the installer since DVD copy is not available.

What more can we say. The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium with Office 2013 is a highly recommendable upgrade to the most popular office application suite. With the many impressive new features as well as the smooth transition of moving documents into the cloud. Its a better choice compared to previous desktop-only Office applications.

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