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Toshiba Satellite E55-A5114 Core i5-4200U $490 1.6GHz

The new Toshiba Satellite E55-A5114 laptop presents a specialized offer with better processing and internal graphics. This Toshiba E55-A5114 Satellite notebook computer comes with an Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6GHz CPU processor, 6 GigaByte DDR3L memory internal memory, 15.6-inch LED-backlit TFT HD widescreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution thats highly capable of 1080p media playback,…

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New Facebook App for Windows Phone with Improved Features yet still trails behind iOS and Android counterparts

The new Facebook App now comes with more features for every windows phone users satisfaction. It might not measure up to Facebook applications offered for other mobile devices such as iOS and Android phones, yet this software gives all the basic capabilities you would want to have a pleasurable Facebook experience. This Facebook software app…

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Facebook Home Free App Mobile Security Issue

Facebook Home app is totally FREE for mobile transforms your smartphones into an amazing, interactive slideshow of photos and posts from all your Facebook friends. This gorgeous Facebook Home software application really takes over your Android phone’s locked screen and beautifully replaces it with a continuous flow and stunning interactive window from your Facebook rss…

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Facebook offers a Better and Faster News Feed Design

Facebook, now the biggest social networking site, introduced once again new and better changes. Facebook aims to give this new features to their users to allow for a more dynamic and simplified UI experience. This new Facebook News Feed is customizable because allows users to see only what they want. Users will have the option…

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Facebook Implements Reply Button Integrated on Comments

Facebook, the social media giant, recently implemented a new feature that allows integrating a reply button on comments. This makes for a more user friendly approach since threading of comments and replies is a lot easier to handle for all user. This new approach gives a user the ability to reply directly to another comment…

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Easy Facebook Navigation

Anybody who owns a laptop or desktop pc utilizes plenty of keyboard shortcuts that greatly simplifies and speeds typing, browsing or gaming. Well, it might benefit you to know that the popular social media networking site Facebook also has its own specific keyboard shortcuts for everyone to use. These Facebook KeyBoard Shortcuts lets you easily…

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New Facebook API Publishing Tools – Posts now Optimized & Non-Collapsing

There are plenty of Facebook Publishing Tools from 3rd Party app sources that automates and eases posting on Facebook pages. Now these posting tools delivers posts that do not collapse, and already optimized to produce decent looking posts. Gone are the days that Facebook 3rd Party Apps API updates were at a disadvantage by default…

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Newly Designed YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest Updated with Fresh New Looks

Almost everyone today has an account with these sites classified as social media. It seems like the battle between them grows steadily, that they came up with newly designed looks at almost the same time. We can now enjoy the fresh new redisigned looks of YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest and some major improvements they…

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Buffer app Tool to Schedule Facebook Status Posts

Everyone wants to gain more followers on your Facebook accounts and increase Facebook results. Well, one of the most effective way to do this is to efficiently manage your Facebook status posts. And Buffer app is best tool manage and schedule your Facebook status posts. The method is similar to using Buffer app for your…

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CallBux App FREE International CALLS from Facebook

The new CallBux App allows you to use your Facebook account like some kind of operator, to provide a way to connect to your Facebook friends. You can use your laptop/desktop app or smart phone. The operator is free of charge but there is a small surcharge payment , per minute, for the long distance…

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Instagram iOS and Android photo-sharing app

Instagram now offers photo-sharing services for the most used operating system platform. Instagram use to be just another popular iOS photo-sharing site with more or less 25 milion registered users. But since its release of an Android app version the company grew by ten of thousands of users. Then in 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram…

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