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Pinterest Users now have @ character like Facebook and Twitter

Fans and users of the famous Pinterest photo-sharing and social network site would be delighted to know that they have many additional useful features many have requested and hope to have. Pinterest, in its effort to please hundreds and thousands of user feedbacks to bring back and include favorite features announce this time their return….

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Newly Designed YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest Updated with Fresh New Looks

Almost everyone today has an account with these sites classified as social media. It seems like the battle between them grows steadily, that they came up with newly designed looks at almost the same time. We can now enjoy the fresh new redisigned looks of YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest and some major improvements they…

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Pinterest Social Community Image Site for Business

The Pinterest social media site is basically an image site where you can share with your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances business partners and more. To get the best experience, followers, and customers out of Pinterest you have to make sure your content is properly and heavily optimized for Pinterest shareability and internal search. Although Pinterest…

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