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Facebook Home Free App Mobile Security Issue


Facebook Home app is totally FREE for mobile transforms your smartphones into an amazing, interactive slideshow of photos and posts from all your Facebook friends. This gorgeous Facebook Home software application really takes over your Android phone’s locked screen and beautifully replaces it with a continuous flow and stunning interactive window from your Facebook rss feed.

Its already made available for many smartphones today. The main problem with the Facebook Home app is anybody who gets a hold of your phone allows him/her access to your Facebook account by posting comments as if they were you. This can happen even with your phone’s lock screen enabled. What’s worst is if you lost your phone, the perpetrator can actually post as you and could as well read anything that will show in your Facebook RSS Feeds.

We removed this Facebook Home application immediately as soon as we discovered this security hole. The risk just does not justify the new aesthetics this software brings to the phone. I guess Facebook Home will remain uninstalled until they figured how to patch that security flaw.

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