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Facebook Implements Reply Button Integrated on Comments


Facebook, the social media giant, recently implemented a new feature that allows integrating a reply button on comments. This makes for a more user friendly approach since threading of comments and replies is a lot easier to handle for all user. This new approach gives a user the ability to reply directly to another comment as well as make a new comment to the original post.

This Facebook changes on integrated reply to comment button allows all users not only to reply to comments posted on their page but also can start a new conversation thread. This makes navigation through Facebook conversation threads simple and straightforward.

This new Facebook Reply to Comment Button feature also provides a ranking mechanism to responses based on some key factors detailed below:

1. Spam comments will fall down to lower levels.
2. Connection of another person to the thread will help to move it to the top.
3. Comments which are having more number of likes and replies will move to the top.
4. Recent comments will also be moved toward the top.

Its really better for Facebook to have threaded conversations and also find a way to place the most popular and relevant comments first and at the top.

A few selected private accounts were given the chance to this out. Mostly those with at least 10000 followers were allowed during its testing phases. But Facebook promised to make this awesome feature available to all users starting July this year. Find out if you are included in this oppurtunity.

Here’s How To Enable Facebook Reply to Comment Option For Your Fanpage:

1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
2. Go to Manage Permissions
3. Then Select Turn On Replies

Its a long overdue and very welcome change for Facebook. We’re pretty sure users will get a better experience when they get their hands on these new features. You can also start sharing feedback once you try it yourself.

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