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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Easy Facebook Navigation


Anybody who owns a laptop or desktop pc utilizes plenty of keyboard shortcuts that greatly simplifies and speeds typing, browsing or gaming. Well, it might benefit you to know that the popular social media networking site Facebook also has its own specific keyboard shortcuts for everyone to use.

These Facebook KeyBoard Shortcuts lets you easily navigate through yor pages, messages or feeds and these are browser-specific. First, pick your browser and memorize these key sequence for your favorite browser.

Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + [key stroke], then Enter

Chrome: Ctrl + Alt + [key stroke]

Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + [key stroke]

Firefox for Mac: CMD + [key stroke]

Safari for Mac: CMD + [key stroke]

After knowing by heart the above key sequence, its just a matter of adding the different key strokes below to navigate the following pages:

/ = Search

0 = Help

1 = Home

2 = Timeline

3 = Friends

4 = Inbox

5 = Notifications

6 = Account Settings

7 = Privacy

8 = About

9 = Terms

In addition, there are also action shortcuts, as follows:

j and k = scroll between News Feed stories

c = comment when on a story in your News Feed

l = like or unlike a selected story

m = new message

That’s it. We sure hope these Facebook keyboard shortcuts will benefit you very much. If you have any more tips and tricks, you can share them below so that everybody will gain advantage from them.

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