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Facebook offers a Better and Faster News Feed Design


Facebook, now the biggest social networking site, introduced once again new and better changes. Facebook aims to give this new features to their users to allow for a more dynamic and simplified UI experience.

This new Facebook News Feed is customizable because allows users to see only what they want. Users will have the option to choose between photos, music, followers, friends status updates, and groups news feeds. This would really be a great change and will be made available to all Facebook users very soon.

Another good thing about this new Facebook News Feed look is that your chosen preferences and settings will be implemented across all sets of devices and any web browser you will be using. Thus, whether you prefer to view Facebook via your mobile phone, tablet, or via laptop/pc you would get the same visual experience.

Here are the detailed features of the new News Feed of Facebook:

1. Most recent feeds on top of page.
2. More organized stories
3. Great combination of colors with visuals.
4. One look on mobile, tablet and on web.
5. Collapsing sidebar.

Facebook really made clear that its want better overall user experience as its first priority. Hence the several face changes and updates of features which they view as beneficial to its users. With all this new features, the excitement really never stops. Feel free to comment about this new customizable Facebook News Feed. Or would you still prefer Facebook’s timeline look? You can ask questions or share your views.

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