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Instagram iOS and Android photo-sharing app


Instagram now offers photo-sharing services for the most used operating system platform. Instagram use to be just another popular iOS photo-sharing site with more or less 25 milion registered users. But since its release of an Android app version the company grew by ten of thousands of users. Then in 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram for almost a billion dollars, it added tens of millions more loyal users.

Instagram’s attraction to freelance professional photographers was due to its capability to present high-quality photos for people to see, appreciate and share. This allows for any individual with talent in professional photography acquire more clients thru Instagrams thousands of browsers.

The exponential growth of Instagram is a dream come true for any startup. It has now a humongous amount of users running to about 100 million. With the continual growing trend of social photos in Instagram this would likely balloon to half a billion easily this coming 2013.

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