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New Facebook API Publishing Tools – Posts now Optimized & Non-Collapsing


There are plenty of Facebook Publishing Tools from 3rd Party app sources that automates and eases posting on Facebook pages. Now these posting tools delivers posts that do not collapse, and already optimized to produce decent looking posts.

Gone are the days that Facebook 3rd Party Apps API updates were at a disadvantage by default on Facebook. Reasons for these rimarily are the collapsing issue, ugly posts are being shown. And these came mainly from auto-posted Facebook RSS feeds.

Now 3rd Party Facebook Publishing Tools are already optimized for Facebook, are not punished by EdgeRank, which is Facebook’s news feed filtering algorithm, and attribution for 3rd party apps have been removed (no more ‘via app name’). So now there’s no possible way for a user to differentiate a post via a 3rd party publisher and a post via Facebook natively.

Those who makes use Facebook Pages for Marketing and Promotions will find that 3rd party apps posting tools will provide lots of extra, advanced features that you won’t find on Facebook. These additional application capabilities will definitely help you become smarter, and more efficient in Facebook Marketing and Promotions.

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