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New Twitter Music App Launch Trending Music Web Cross-Platform Integrated Service


Twitter, the social media giant, now offers its own Music App that would cater to those music lovers who want to discover and get the latest and most popular music releases. Twitter already made available a new web page at that would possibly host the Trending Music Web service that focuses on discovering music, rather than listening to it. It has a Twitter logo and text that says #music web with a Sign In button.

Twitter #music web would act as some sort of a cross-platform music service integrated with trends on Twitter. It claims that it would have the best new music in the world right now in its Music App. Once you sign in the service, you authorize Twitter #music web to use your Twitter account for its music trending music web service.

In addition ot the above features, this software application will also be able to :
– Read Tweets from your timeline.
– See who you follow, and follow new people.
– Update your profile.
– Post Tweets for you.

This would probably be another popular Twitter App used by millions of users. It would be of no surprise if you can access this Twitter Music App from most mobile device such as Android, iOS devices, and many others.

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