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Newly Designed YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest Updated with Fresh New Looks


Almost everyone today has an account with these sites classified as social media. It seems like the battle between them grows steadily, that they came up with newly designed looks at almost the same time. We can now enjoy the fresh new redisigned looks of YouTube, FaceBook, Google+ and Pinterest and some major improvements they have now offered their users.


FaceBook recently announced their newly designed version of Facebook that aims to reduce clutter and allows to focus more on stories from people the users care about. Now, you can see all the stories via News Feed with a fresh new look. The impressive new design will roll out slowly. Those willing to be one of the early adopters, can go to and add yourself on the waiting list.

YouTube also announced their new application called “YouTube One Channel”. This new program app allows YouTube users to place a big header on the top of their channels and to have a video trailer (some kind of welcome video) that can start playing for all visitors who are still not subscribed to the channel. If you are interested to start with your new channel layout, just go visit and upgrade.

Google+ also offers plenty of new things. You can now have a much bigger area for your profile cover photos. There are also several page improvements that are gradually rolling out. In addition to your +1s, Youtube videos and photos, Google+ now has new tab for your Local reviews. You’ll have the option to highlight your favorite restaurants, shopping malls, or hide the tab completely via settings. Cover photos are now bigger (up to 2120px by 1192px), with a better aspect ratio displaying at 16×9 when fully expanded. This means you can have more images for your cover photos.

Pinterest also made several changes in their design, for improved user experience and stylish overall appearance.

Well, now grab your favorite laptop or mobile device and head over to your social media accounts and try this new set of features. Share you thoughts and concerns afterwards.

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