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Pinterest Social Community Image Site for Business


The Pinterest social media site is basically an image site where you can share with your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances business partners and more. To get the best experience, followers, and customers out of Pinterest you have to make sure your content is properly and heavily optimized for Pinterest shareability and internal search.


Although Pinterest has gone public for only two years, its already getting more than 100 million unique visitors per month. That’s a very good sign for many users and followers who are thinking of making there business prescence active. This strategy would definitely allow a good number of retailers towards showcasing their products, make connections, and engage with customers.

To get better results for your business, here are a few tip to ensure you attract a lot of followers and visits.

1. You images must be unique.
2. Size of images must only be up to 550 pixels wide by 5000 pixels high.
3. Use a file name that will include you keywords and key phrases.
4. Use short captions and descriptions but still keyword-rich.

And lastly, you have to complete your whole profile. This would make it easy and simple for users to find your business if they like your specific product or brand. Also include your location, contact numbers or other pertinent details.

Pinterest might be full of images but its still a social community, and to ensure best results interacting with others members and treat them as persons not just an advertising target.

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