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Pinterest Users now have @ character like Facebook and Twitter


Fans and users of the famous Pinterest photo-sharing and social network site would be delighted to know that they have many additional useful features many have requested and hope to have. Pinterest, in its effort to please hundreds and thousands of user feedbacks to bring back and include favorite features announce this time their return.

Pinterest, new design rolled out recently reflects a striving and healthy website, full of potentially successful new capabilities and functionalities. Users now have the REpinned-From and See It Now features, which allows users to “see it now” to see the pin live once an item has been pinned. Another notable addition includes Via and Pinned From, which lets users see the “via” data that would help match many users with others who have similar taste.

Pinterest also made a very popular addition for its growing demand for networking and increase communication within the users of Pinterest community. Pinterest Users will now have the capability to “Mention” users directly from a post by typing the famous @ character before the username. This would rate them at par with other social networking site like Twitter and Facebook.

Other very interesting additions are the new search feature which would now suggest useful additional key phrases while the user types to help faster searching and offer additional ideas. Users now also have the “Find Friends” features that allows anybody to search for both Twitter and Facebook friends on Pinterest who they are connected to. This many new functionalities would definitely help users stay connected with their friends and learn so much from each other.

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