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Spotify Music Streaming Unlimited Online Service


The highly popular Spotify Music Streaming service has already made a great name for itself in the past few years. Spotify can serve streaming music thru its downloadable app to both Mac and Windows pc, and to most mobile web browsers.With its simple, easy to navigate web interface and a very large selection of music from various genres, and affordable premium, made it a favorite among internet music lovers.

The Spotify web site interface includes little to no graphics but just presents simple playlists, and album network, artists, and song. This simple layout allows you to navigate smoothly and be able to for a particular song in a matter of seconds.

Spotify offers an unlimited streaming all types of music for a flat fee per month, has radio stations that tailor the music depending on what you like, and the music service allows you to make your own playlists for later listening.

Although Spotify would clearly win above iTunes and Amazin MP3 in terms of song availability, interface design and its very low price tag on unlimited music service. Premium Spotify costs $9.99 a month and this is the same as Google Play Music store. Spotify may be a winner overall at this time, but its more likely that Google may catch up very shortly.

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