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Twitter App for Windows Mobile much like iOS and Android Free Download


The newly released Twitter App allows full functionality with your existing Twitter accounts giving everyone complete access to updates, contacts, tweeting and retweeting, handling mulitple accounts, watch videos and language translation.

This official Twitter app gives you a simple way of switching accross multiple accounts, just as you can with other platform versions like iOS and Android. And this Twitter application allows you to watch Vine videos from inside the software app. There is no need to go out to a Web browser. And it has this amazing feature of translating foreign-language tweets automatically.

Other necesssary features like Tweeting, Retweeting, Reply, and favorite any tweet works similarly same as the Web version. You also have menu options for text tweet, copy tweet, copy link to tweet, reply with message, mail tweet and lets you include photo in the tweet.

This standard Twitter app provides a simple straightforward experience for tweeting when using a mobile phone with windows OS. Its free and without any external ads. It is excellently packed with many useful features making it the best choice.

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